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We are a marketing consulting firm that strives to assist businesses to gain and maintain a competitive edge. We aim to expand our business with the same honesty and integrity as we use to consult local businesses to be their best.

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The first thing a majority of online users do when they raise a question is turn to a search engine. Like most people, if what you are searching does not show up in the first five results, you do another search until you find what you are looking for. In other words, they are choosing to enter you or your competitor’s business doors through either your website or theirs. Which one do you prefer?  

There is this perception that the more money you pour into paying for words or simply paying for space, the better your website will be. I hope this would be the case, otherwise why are you spending the money? This is the same as saying the more money you put into the doors of your business the more people will open it. At the end of the day a door is a door. The question we like to raise is, if you can achieve better results using less money, would you do it?

There are three pieces of the cake when it comes to optimizing your website. They include Search Engine Marketing, On Page Optimization, and Off Page Optimization.

SEO & Website Optimization

Search Engine Marketing is paid advertising to increase your search engine results. This form of advertising is used quite frequently and frankly, it works. This is where large amounts of money can be spent if a website is not optimized properly.

The second option is On Page Optimization through organic searches. On Page Optimization is when a website has relative content to what the search engine user is looking for.  This includes creating relative content and meta data that matches the targeted words that are used regularly to search for products or services similar to your business.  This ensures that your website is not competing with businesses in California (unless you are trying to reach the other “Dairy State”) if you are targeting central Wisconsin.

The third option is Off Page Optimization. This is when other websites favor your page. If you have ever clicked on a link that brings you to another website, this is a perfect example of using a back link. This helps search engines identify the best website results to better the search engines user experience.

This may be gibberish or could sound really easy, however this is just the beginning. This is where our team comes in. We get that a small boost here and there will not be sustainable. We like to focus on the long-term and analyze both the amount of relevant traffic and content on all your pages. By optimizing valuable content, we can narrow in and increase ranking, traffic, user experience, and top-of-mind awareness for your brand. It's time to get started! Let's meet for a Free Consultation.

SEO & Website Optimization