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We are a marketing consulting firm that strives to assist businesses to gain and maintain a competitive edge. We aim to expand our business with the same honesty and integrity as we use to consult local businesses to be their best.

A brand can be made of logos, colors, numbers, letters, and comfort food to create different emotions. Ok maybe not the last one, but it does cause an emotion! With multiple combinations, it can be hard to portray a consistent brand image or voice. That is where our team of experts come in. We ensure your brand stays consistent internally and externally through collateral, digital media, and products or services.

What does your brand say about your product(s) or service(s)? We want to hear from you, Contact Us!

"Before Eagle Advising, LLC, the UW Oshkosh Newman Center had a low level of awareness and identity on the UW Oshkosh Campus. Eagle Advising, LLC walked with us through freshening our brand to create a strong Catholic identity, while still appealing to the taste of young adults."

-Fr. Jason Blahnik: UW Oshkosh Newman Center

Brand Identity

Brand Identity

We're entrepreneurs, and we're all a little crazy! From humble beginnings to giving your brand a facelift, creating your brand's identity is no easy task. We get the BIG ideas come from you, but putting them into words can be a challenge. From a little spunk to a sense of security and trust, let us put your BIG ideas to work.

What are consumers saying about your brand? The purpose of a brand is to be the first product or service that comes to your noggin. Let’s play a game! When I say cotton swab or facial tissue you think of? These are both brands that have made it into your top of mind awareness or what is also known as, your evoked set. Consumers already have their loyal brands and are consistently looking for better products or services to switch to. This is why creating a memorable brand is crucial.

Dream  Big. Soar High.